How we curate the products?
We have a particular filter to apply for suppliers and products. First, the supplier needs to be based in Australia. Then, the ingredients must be natural and as biodegradable as possible. We also like to support small local businesses and make sure our suppliers share the same value as we do.
We then test the products on our family and friends - yes, our community is the core of who we are.

Where are the products made?
We do our best to provide products handmade in Australia. It is not always possible, as some materials come from other places, but we make sure they are ethically made if not here.

Bare and Boho modern cloth nappies: designed in Australia, ethically made in China, by a small team, mainly mums themselves. Bare and Boho are certified by the China Testing International under the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA).

Econaps modern cloth nappies: designed in Byron Bay, made in China. They only work with factories that proven people and environmental standards.

Baby Beehinds: special manufacturers are a family owned business based in China, providing excellent quality textile garments whilst maintaining ethics in the workplace. Baby BeeHinds only supports the fair trade industry, by offering fantastic workplace benefits and higher than average wages.

Basik Organics baby oil and balm: handmade in Australia.

Bugsey bee bamboo wipes: handmade in Australia.

What ingredients do they use?
Each product has its formula. We describe all ingredients on the product page.

How to correctly clean cloth nappies?
In five easy steps. Check our blog post to learn all about that.