Who we are

Natural and Adorable was created by two girlfriends in a crucial moment of their lives: when they decided to have babies. That decision was load with uncertainty and fear, as for a lot of women. On top of that, we have chosen to adopt a more sustainable living. Well, sort of.

We must say, we still are at the beginning of that road. We have learnt that changes, particularly in habits, must come in batches. Changing habits is one of the most difficult challenges one can experience. Coming from a diverse background, we totally get that.

Once, we have heard that establishing a whole new life in another country could be as challenging as having kids. We are still not sure about that, but we can see how becoming parents is a massive change in a family’s life.

For that reason, we are committed to ourselves and the community not to get overwhelmed by changing all at the same time.

If you want a more sustainable living by using natural and reusable products but feel overwhelmed by cloth nappies vocabulary and the wide range of options in the market, we can help you. We are now a one-stop-shop for cloth nappies and accessories. 

We have researched, tested and approved the products we stock. We have also been gathering the most important information you need to know to guide you on your sustainable journey.

It has been a beautiful journey for us. We love to hear from our largest community – our customers – how the experience is going as well. That is how we grow and can offer you the best products.

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We hope you love this journey as much as we do.


Rafaela and Luisa